Leo Suarez // Drums 

“Suarez belongs among the improvisers who oversee their instrumentation to such an extent that they can produce on-the-spot compositions within a “free” structure. Feliciano‘s eight tracks reveal a thorough knowledge of drum dynamics, and the ability to swiftly interpret newly emitted signals as first steps towards a composite, yet ever-understandable transient architecture.” 

-Massimo Ricci - Touching Extremes

About Me

Solo/Collabs                                                                                                          “Sup’ Fool How you been?!”
Carnivorous Bells

The Current State ~

September 2021 -
A new collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, “L’Animal Acclimaté” is out now on Dinzu Artefacts. Field recordings/percussion/objects/electronics. Many thanks to J.B, Joe, and Nathan, can’t waitfor the next one!


August 2021-
A new release via Chicago’s Radical Documents!  “The Running of The Bulls” is a blistering free jazz quintet/social experiment with the likes of James McKain, Kevin Murray, Jared Radichel, Tom Weeks, and myself. Features first time duets between Weeks & McKain, as well as Kevin Murray and I; sandwiched inside of two long-form improvisations that will make you vomit. Check it here--


Also, some new releases at the end of this year and beginning of next;

My first-time collaboration with Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy , “L’Animal Acclimaté”, as well as the presentation of a trio with James McKain and T.J. Borden, “The Relatives”!

Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy

The Relatives. 

April 21, 2021 -

My duo with Paulina Owczarek will be out in a few days via the Iowa label Personal Archives. You can snag one right here - 


We recorded this duo at the end of a small Europe tour in fall of 2019  - Berlin/Poznań/Kraków/Bratislava/Vienna. We played on a tram car in Bratislava, I stared at castles on the highway, tried to roll cigarrettes, worked through some personal shit, and ate a hell of a lot of  gołabki. I’m so happy to be able to hang and play with someone like Paulina, and can’t wait to do it again. Huge thanks to Bob Bucko Jr., Rafał Drewniany, Alex Colombo, and Matthew Adis. 

April 5 , 2021 -

My newest solo release, “Circle Tension” will be available tommorrow from Dinzu Artefacts (scope the link below). I’m very happy with how these ideas all came together and can’t wait to get working on the next one. Enormous thanks to Joe and Nathan. Also, if you’re in Philly April 11th, I’m playing a solo set on a bill with James McKain and many others. 



March  2021 -

Lots of new releases in the shute that will be appearing this month and next :

Leo Suarez - Circle Tension - Dinzu Artefacts
Owczarek/Suarez - I Can See Your House From Here - Personal Archives
TONED - Tricky - 1039 Records
McKain/Suarez - Zigeunerweisen - New Village

But for now here’s Lee 

September 2020 -

“Voice Resolve”, a trio recording with Majid Araim, Benjamin Shirley, and myself will be out September 4th on Past Now Tomorrow. It’ll be available as a DL and as a limited run of 60 CDs. This was recorded during a solo U.S. tour that i did in the summer of 2019 and i couldn’t be happier to have made time with these guys.

August 2020 - 
Some kind words from Tabs Out. Still a few copies of PLACE left.


June2020 -